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A Hard-Hitting Drum Voice

CRUST is a hard-hitting drum module reimagined for fast playability and immediate creative drum inspiration. It is not just one sound; it is a full drum kit and a drummer hidden in 8hp that you can command with CV for precise control & shaping, or you can let it loose and draw inspiration from its vast sound palette.

Crust is a full drum voice going way beyond drum territory. It consists of two layers - the NOISE source and dual oscillator TONE generator. Hard-hitting drums need a lot of transient attention and CRUST has you covered with the combination of pitch envelope, layer mixing, FM envelope, and transient shaper with hard-clipping.

See the product page for instructions/downloadable content.

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Four modes to play with the sound

The NOISE source has built in lowpass-highpass FILTER and 4 modes (white noise, clap, bit and metallic).

The TONE has 4 oscillator configurations (FM, FM2, dual and ring modulation), pitch envelope, detune, V/Oct input and timbral SHAPE control.

The LAYER fader crossfades between the layers, but also adjusts their relative decay envelopes to achieve drum-kit like playability.

The ENV knob makes shortest envelopes in the middle and elongates the decay to the right and both attack and decay to the left making more of a shaker/reversed/synth timbres.

The TIMBRE section either focuses on the whole body of the sound (left) or is focused towards the transient (right).

The final CLIP distortion stage with either soft clipping with a bass boost (left) or transient shaper with hard clipping (right) makes the drums go super-hard.

Unlock your live performance

While keeping the module compact the CRUST is oriented towards performance. The assignable CTRL knob and CV can give you another performance control of your choice so you only perform with the parameters that are important and don't accidentally change your set and forget settings.


  • complex drum voice
  • dual oscillator TONE layer with pitch settings
  • OCTAVE, DETUNE, pitch SWEEP, SEMI and FINE tune
  • 4 TONE shaping algorithms: FM, FM2, RING and DUAL
  • NOISE layer with filter and 4 algorithms: WHITE, BIT, CLAP and METALMETALIC
  • LAYER fader macro for balancing the TONE and NOISE layer by envelope settings and volume
  • ENV knob to lengthed decay to the right (CW of 12 o'clock) and both attack and decay to the left (CCW of 12 o'clock)
  • dedicated CV input for LAYER and ENV
  • ENV output
  • V/OCT input with calibration to tune the TONE layer
  • TIMBRE section with 3 parameters: FILTER, CLIP and SHAPE and a dedicated CV input
  • FILTER is lowpass/highpass filter of the NOISE layer
  • CLIP is a clipper with transient focus (hard clip) or body bass boost focus (soft clip)
  • SHAPE settings for the TONE layer with BODY focus or TRANSIENT focus
  • trigger input
  • Sample & Hold for every CV input (can be turned on/off)
  • manual triggers
  • velocity input - when trigger not connected it acts as input for external envelope
  • assignable CTRL knob and CTRL CV option
  • firmware updates via micro USB
  • interchangeable HW with the Pizza Oscillator (just a different panel)

Technical details

  • 8 HP
  • PTC fuse and diode protected 10 pin power connector
  • 24 mm deep
  • current consumption: +12 V: 90 mA; -12 V: 20 mA


See the product page for instructions/downloadable content.



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