Noise Square PCB + blank wood face plate + Atmega

Bastl Instruments

Just the PCB + faceplate + chip, recommended only for experienced DIYers! Purchase at your own risk! NO SUPPORT offered for these products. 

Noise Suare is a versatile generator of noises and square wave signals. 

Analog noise: WHITE and PINK.

Digital noise: METALIC, which is a 6 oscillator sound bank similar to 808, but generated digitally (with analog summing) and with TUNE, including CV control option.

SQUARE and COW outputs have one square wave signal in common, and the COW output has another square signal added in a specific ratio to it.

There are 2 CV inputs for controlling the digital sound sources. The CV inputs react in the range 0-10V.

See the product page for instructions/downloadable content.

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